One of the best companies in the global industry
  • Smart Cable Network Products and Services
    Global Cable Industry Leader

    1.R & D, production, sales and service of wire and cable products.

    2.Distribution, transmission monitoring, primary and secondary equipment and complete sets of products and services, etc.

    3.R & D and application of new materials.

  • Smart airport / energy system services
    The world's leading smart airport / energy system service provider.

    1.Survey and design of new energy power generation, power transmission, substation and distribution network projects.

    2.General contract for new energy projects.

    3.Energy project management engineering, technical consulting services and energy investment.

    4.Professional engineering construction of Military Civil Aviation Airport

  • Comprehensive energy services
    Expert on integrated energy services.

    1.Comprehensive energy projects

    2.Integrated energy efficiency operational maintenance management

    3.Placing electricity business

  • Smart car power and energy storage systems
    Experts in smart car power and energy storage systems.

    1.Lithium battery, power battery pack, energy storage battery pack, new battery and other technologies, R & D, production, sales and services.

business goal

Fully intelligent    Full digitization    Full-scale benchmarking    Fully surpassed

Stick to four directions    Customer orientation    Problem-oriented    Result-oriented    System-oriented

Deepen the three combinations    Combination of domestic market and international market

Combination of product management and capital management    Combination of hard power and soft power

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